MBS – Modifier


The modifier product line ADD-MBS is a new generation or transparent and opak films. If you use this modifiers you improve the complete performance and you get a better surface finish and a high gloss. This types were mostly used in PVC films.

Physical Properties

Specification ADD-MBS 4100 ADD-MBS 4500 ADD-MBS 4800
AppearanceWhite, free flowing powderWhite, free flowing powderWhite, free flowing powder
Flow-through in 20um sieve in %>98>98
Volatility in %<1<1



1) Excellent transparency. 2.) Excellent impact resistance 3.) wide process capability


ADD MBS 4100, MBS 4500 ADD has an excellent process performance and high impact strength with average transparency ADD MBS 4800 has an excellent impact resistance performance, good impact strength and excellent transparency.

Recommended dosage:

Recommended dosage5-9