ADD-Chem Germany offers al well-known lubricants for the Extrusion and the injection molding.

The ADD-Chem Germany GmbH offers all common lubricants for extrusion and for injection molding area

1. Stearic acid  – derivates like: ADD-Lub Ca, ADD-Lub Mg, ADD-Lub Zn, oder ADD-Lub 12
2. PE-Waxes like: ADD-Lub 542, ADD-Lub 546, ADD-Lub 1001, ADD-Lub 1100
3. Paraffin Waxes like: ADD-Lub PF
4. Replacement types for Montanwax: ADD-Lub W400, ADD-Lub W404, ADD-Lub 764, ADD-Lub 773
5. Oxidised PE – Waxes like: ADD-Lub 673, ADD-Lub 681, ADD-Lub 691, ADD-Lub OMA, ADD-Lub 883
6. Ester – wax lubricants like ADD-Lub 590, ADD-Lub 600

We are happy to provide you some samples for testing.