Acrylic Impact Modifier (AIM)

The modifier product line ADD-AIM is a new generation of modifiers which are createt on base of a nuclear-shell product. The acrylic copolymer has a nuclear-coating with a glass temperature of -50°C to -55°C. The use of the impact modifier increases the entire performance and improves the weather resistance as well as the surface finish and the gloss. Moreover the anti-ageing-behaviour especially for outdoor use is increased. The ADD-Chem modifiers are used in PVC-Profiles, non transparent sheets, Pipes and other indoor and outdoor applications.
Physical properties:
Specification ADD-AIM-100 ADD-AIM-300 ADD-AIM-500 ADD-AIM-550
Appearance white, free-flowing powder white, free-flowing powder white, free-flowing powder
sieve pass with 20µm sieve in % >98 >98 >98
Volatility in % <1 <1 <1
Density , g/ml 0.40 – 0.55 0.40 – 0.55 0.40 – 0.55
Glass temperature >-50

1.) Excellent waether resistance. 2.) Superp impact resistance.t 3.) Wide process capability.


ADD-IM-100 has a excellent process capability and a high impact resistance without support of processing aids.
ADD-IM-300 has a excellent impact resistance, but should be used with processing aids.

commended dosage
Product profiles pipes fittings Sheets
commended dosage 6-7 6-9 3-6 6-7